Yellow Sac Spiders

Cheiracanthium spp.

Yellow Sac Spider

Adult yellow sac spider (Joseph Berger,

Sec Spiders

Newly hatched yellow sac spiders (Joseph Berger,

Sac spiders

Sac spider eggs (Joseph Berger,


  • yellowish coloration
  • ends of legs with brown-to-black tufts of hairs that look like socks

Nesting Habits

  • found indoors and outdoors
  • under bark, rocks, leaf litter, in rolled leaves, etc.
  • behind or in clutter/storage
  • often make a silk, saclike retreat where walls meet other walls or ceilings, or other hidden places; they spend the day in the sac and hunt at night
  • easily climb slick surfaces


  • insects and spiders


  • could be a nuisance pest indoors
  • not known to be a health hazard, but can aggressively bite when trapped against the skin
  • painful bite
  • beneficial

IPM Recommendations

  • Minimize nesting habitat around property.
  • Seal exterior cracks and crevices.
  • Install tight-fitting door sweeps at the base of all exterior doors.
  • Install tight-fitting screens in windows.
  • Keep windows closed.
  • Vacuum individuals and silk retreats in buildings.
  • Step on or smash individual spiders that enter.
  • Catch and release (with a glass jar) spiders found indoors.
  • Change exterior lighting to sodium vapor bulbs.

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