Integrated Pest Management

Hacklemesh Weaver Spiders


Weaver spider

Hacklemesh weaver spider (Marshal Hedin, Wikimedia Commons)

Weaver spider

Hacklemesh weaver spider and egg sac (Marshal Hedin,

Hacklemesh weaver spider

Hacklemesh weaver spider in web (Danny Steven, Wikimedia Commons)


  • 1/5 – 6/10 inch long
  • reddish brown head; dark grayish colored abdomen with light colored patches
  • 8 eyes arranged in 2 rows

Nesting Habits

  • damp, protected areas such as woodpiles and underneath rocks
  • deposit egg sacs in irregularly-shaped mesh webs, where the spiders are typically found


  • insects


  • frequently found in damp basements and other areas in buildings during fall
  • not considered medically significant

IPM Recommendations

  • Minimize nesting habitat around property.
  • Find and seal cracks and crevices along the building’s exterior.
  • Install tight-fitting door sweeps.
  • Install tight-fitting screens in windows.
  • Reduce insects that serve as food.
  • Use pest monitors/sticky traps to capture spiders than enter buildings.

Additional Resources:

IPM for Spiders: Integrated Pest Management in Sensitive Environments (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension)