Granary Weevil

Sitophilus granarius

Granary weevil

Granary weevil (Pest and Diseases Image Library,

Granary weevil

Granary weevil (Pest and Diseases Image Library,

Granary Weevil

Granary weevil in wheat (Clemson University,


  • 1/8 - 3/16┬áinch long
  • reddish brown
  • elongated oval pits on the thorax
  • tuck in legs and remain motionless when disturbed; cannot fly
  • larvae: small, white legless grubs with brown head capsules

Nesting Habits

  • lay eggs in small holes chewed by females
  • larvae develop inside kernels of grain


  • feed on whole corn, wheat, barley, rice, pet food, bird seed, sunflower seeds and occasionally old pasta, chestnuts and acorns


  • attack a wide variety of grains
  • primarily distributed by people via infested food

IPM Recommendations

  • Use traps to monitor activity in structures, pantries and bulk grain storage.
  • Improve sanitation procedures in affected areas.
  • Inspect all incoming food items for pests.
  • Store all susceptible food items in pest-proof containers.
  • Dispose of infested food items.
  • Keep moisture low in food storage areas by improving ventilation.
  • Keep food in regular rotation.

Additional Resources

IPM for Fabric and Pantry Pests: Integrated Pest Management in Sensitive Environments (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension)