Integrated Pest Management


Microtus spp.


Vole (Manuel R., Wikimedia Commons)

Vole Runways

Vole runways in turf (Ryan Davis, Utah State University Extension)



  • 3 – 6 inches long
  • hairy tail with short hairs
  • make runways/tunnels in turf, mulch, etc.

Nesting Habits

  • burrow in the ground along runways
  • prefer areas of heavy ground cover


  • cause damage to turf and ornamental plantings
  • occasionally enter buildings by accident, but do not become established indoors


  • damage lawns, gardens, sports and agricultural fields
  • damage underground utility cables and irrigation pipes
  • harm trees by stripping bark and chewing on roots

IPM Recommendations

  • Reduce clutter outside.
  • Use snap traps placed with triggers in vole runways.
  • Eliminate weeds, ground cover, mulch and dense ornamental plantings that provide food and shelter during warm weather.
  • Rodenticides may be necessary for control in large areas.

For more information, see our Voles fact sheet.