Integrated Pest Management

Utah IPM & SA Mini-Grant Program

The Utah IPM & Sustainable Agriculture (SA) Mini-Grant Program is sponsored by the Utah IPM and Western Sustainable Agriculture Research And Education Programs.  The goal of the grant is to accelerate the adoption of these two agricultural practices in Utah. We invite you to read past project proposals and final reports to learn about the exciting research and educational projects serving the citizens of Utah.


Proposals Due Date

Announcements for proposals will be sent periodically.


Who can apply for funds?

This grant only serves Utah State University Extension faculty.

Target Areas

The projects of this grant help solve pest problems of importance to stakeholders within a Utah county or region. They often include the development of shared IPM educational materials. Several projects are designed to show reductions in pesticide use and/or increased stakeholder profitability.

We encourage collaborations with Utah stakeholders (growers, homeowners, public agencies, etc.), so please feel free to contact us if you have a specific IPM or sustainable agriculture need for your area.

Project Examples

  • On-site demonstrations and training workshops on implementation of practical IPM
  • IPM publications, slide shows, educational resources, etc.
  • Diagnosis and sampling of pests
  • Surveying for new or expanding pests
  • Development and use of economic thresholds
  • Use of weather data for pest forecasting
  • Use of cultural, biological, or chemical methods to improve pest management