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Utah Plant Pest Diagnostics Lab (UPPDL)

The UPPDL is a service of USU Extension and the Department of Biology at USU. The UPPDL is staffed with highly skilled and experienced professionals that provide rapid and accurate identification of pest-related problems.

Early detection is key to preventing invasive species in Utah. If you see a pest featured on the USU CAPS website (under Featured Pests), please let us know. Suspect invasive pests (digital images and/or physical samples) can be submitted directly to the UPPDL. If possible, send digital images to or for screening prior to submitting physical samples to the UPPDL.

Submitting Digital Images

Send high-resolution images as an email attachment to one of the labs listed below. Images should be in focus and well-lighted, contain a ruler or other object for scale, and contain different parts/views of the insect and/or plant symptoms. 

Submitting Physical Samples

Live insects can escape from containers; therefore, it is very important that you kill (do not squish) the insect before submitting it to the UPPDL. Place the insect into a spill-proof jar or vial containing rubbing alcohol (hand sanitizer or white vinegar are suitable alternatives). You can also freeze the insect before placing it into a sealable crush-proof container. If submitting plant material, handle it as if it contains a live pest (i.e., secure plant material so that an emerging pest could not escape). Wrap plant material in paper bags or newspaper. Secure samples using packing material to avoid breakage/damage. Samples containing plant material should be overnighted.

Include with your submission, the date, collection location, email address, phone number, and physical address in case we have follow-up questions. Mail sample(s) to one of the labs listed below, and as soon as possible to prevent drying or deterioration of the insect or plant material.

Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (UPPDL) Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah State University
5305 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322
Phone: 435-797-2435
Email: or

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