Ian Williams



Ian S. Williams is the Director of Animal Services in Sandy City, Utah. He has been working in the animal welfare field for that past 17 years. He began his career as an Animal Control Officer where he spent a decade working in the field. In 2015, as Director, Ian effectively led the paradigm shift at the Sandy City Animal Shelter as it transitioned from its traditional to a “no-kill” shelter model. He has enabled his team to maintain that status with some of the highest shelter save rates in the state.  In 2015, Ian became an executive board member of the Utah Animal Control Officers Association and currently serves as the legislative liaison for that organization.  In that capacity he has focused on improving state laws and administrative rules pertaining to animal welfare. He has endeavored to improve communication and cooperation between government or municipal animal shelters and their officers, and the private rescues and animal welfare organizations. Ian recognizes that each entity has a role to play regarding animal welfare in the state of Utah.  He believes that together we can conscientiously serve our communities, our citizens, and animals in a dynamic world. That we can protect and enhance the general health, safety, and well-being and create, foster, and maintain the best possible quality of life for our community and their pets.

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Animal Control in the Face of a Pandemic

  November 15, 2021
  3:00 - 4:00 p.m.