USU’s Utah Marriage Commission launches “Stronger Marriage Connection” Podcast

By Julene Reese | September 19, 2022


Marriage Podcast

The Utah Marriage Commission, hosted at Utah State University, launched the “Stronger Marriage Connection” podcast, with the first three episodes released Monday, Sept. 19. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly. The podcast is hosted by Dave Schramm, “Dr. Dave,” USU Extension family life specialist and faculty member, and Liz Hale, clinical psychologist. It features interviews with relationship experts, therapists, and professionals sharing best practices, resources, and programs to benefit couple relationships. 

Now more than ever, marriages face obstacles – from the busyness of work and daily hassles to disagreements and digital distractions – so it’s no wonder that couples drift apart, becoming resentful, lonely, and isolated, said Schramm.

“Dr. Hale and I feel strongly about protecting the marriage connection, and a podcast seemed like a helpful way to have conversations with experts about simple principles and practices to help couples feel closer and connected,” said Schramm. 

Hale said she and Schramm are merging decades of experience to bring valid marital research to every conversation and interview. 

“In addition to being honest and humble about our own relationship mistakes, we are dedicated to sharing information that can help and heal the human heart,” she said.

In celebration of the podcast launch, the Utah Marriage Commission will give away gas for a year to one person in the form of a $2,500 gas gift card. Those entering the drawing must subscribe to the Utah Marriage Commission YouTube channel and the Stronger Marriage Connection podcast on any participating audio podcast platform. Giveaway details can be found on the Stronger Marriage Connection website

The Utah Marriage Commission’s purpose is to encourage a healthy culture of strong marriages and stable families in Utah. It was previously hosted by the Department of Workforce Services and the Department of Human Services. In 2021, USU received stewardship responsibilities and is positioned to launch Utah Marriage Commission initiatives, the first of which is the “Stronger Marriage Connection” podcast.

The podcast will be recorded in audio and video formats and distributed through KSL podcasts, audio podcast platforms (e.g., Spotify, Google, Apple), and the Utah Marriage Commission YouTube channel. The podcast website is