New USU Extension Gardening App Released


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Many factors affect how landscape and garden plants grow, and it can be difficult for gardeners to know exactly what to do and when to do it. Gardeners now have step-by-step instructions and information available at their fingertips with the recently released Gardeners Almanac: Timely Tips for the Yard and Garden mobile app from Utah State University Extension. The app contains gardening information that is broken down into seasons, then includes specific tasks that should be performed each month.

In the Intermountain West region, a high mountain desert, weather patterns influence not only plants and their development, but also insect pests and diseases. The app is a calendar-based approach to help home gardeners with proper timing of yard and garden-related tasks and activities that promote healthy plants.

According to JayDee Gunnell, USU Extension associate professor and horticulturist, spending time in the landscape and garden can be a rewarding outdoor activity. In turn, it can also be frustrating when plants do not perform as expected.

“The app is designed to help reduce that frustration so gardeners know exactly what to do and they can have the app with them out in the yard to give them tips,” he said.


The app is based on the award-winning Gardeners Almanac publication and poster named as 2015 regional winners by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents. Gardeners Almanac: Timely Tips for the Yard and Garden app is available for iOS and Android operating systems and is free of charge.

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