Ask an Expert: Is Warm Weather Confusing Plants and Trees?

    Many Utahns are concerned that the unseasonably warm temperatures are causing confusion for our plants and trees. While there is concern about plants breaking dormancy and emerging too early, thus increasing their susceptibility to frost, most plants are still dormant. Learn More

    Ask an Expert: Poinsettia Care During the Holidays and Beyond

    Poinsettias are native Mexican plants. They thrive during the holiday season because they are short-day plants that require long nights to launch their color change. The colorful bracts of these plants are leaves, not flowers, with the most common bract color being red. Learn More

    Ask an Expert: What Is Digging up My Yard? The Nose Knows!

    In recent weeks, there have been a flood of calls and emails about mysterious divots and diggings in flower beds and lawns. Most look like a small hole or divot caused by an errant golfer. Learn More

    Ask an Expert: Four Areas of Focus for Fall Yard Cleanup

    Winter is just around the corner. After all of the relentless mowing, harvesting and canning, we can get a little burned out on yardwork. However, don't give up yet. Fall is an important time to set the yard up for healthy plants next year. Learn More

    There's a New Pest in Town

    The elm seed bug has been recognized as Utah's newest pest. It was first discovered in Utah in July 2014 and confirmed by the Utah State University Extension Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The elm seed bug has now been widely reported along the Wasatch Front, Cache County, east to Duchesne County, west to Tooele County and south to Grand County. Learn More