Project Inquiry Form

LAEP Extension works with individuals, communities, and organizations to assist in addressing planning and design challenges by linking appropriate projects with applicable student courses, volunteer student teams, student interns, and graduate theses and projects. LAEP Extension typically uses a cost recovery model to offset the costs of individual design projects. The work produced through this model is always conceptual in nature and provides visionary design suggestions. Final products are not intended to be utilized for direct implementation without additional consultations outside of LAEP Extension.

Project partners are typically individuals, organizations, and communities that lack adequate resources at this time to hire professional landscape design and planning services. LAEP Extension does not compete with professional landscape design and planning companies and encourages you to reach out to qualified individuals or companies if you have the resources or the Extension model does not meet your end goal. LAEP Extension completes projects as capacity permits. Please fill out the information below to help us understand your project needs and an LAEP Extension faculty member will reach out to discuss your project further.