Evapotranspiration and Crop Water Use

Utah crop water use report, Utah turfgrass evapotranspiration report, and other crop water use information.

Utah Crop Water Use Report

The Crop and Wetland Consumptive Use and Open Water Surface Evaporation for Utah report includes estimates of water use for 246 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) climate stations for the period 1981 to 2008. Presently, these data are available only in tables in the report. A Google Earth KMZ file that can be opened in Google Earth, or in other GIS programs has been prepared to aid in station selection.

Utah Turfgrass Evapotranspiration Report

Verification of Turfgrass Evapotranspiration in Utah

Research report for a multi-year, multi-site, turfgrass evapotranspiration study using drainage lysimeters in Utah. Including the development of crop coefficients for modeling evapotranspiration with the American Society of Civil Engineers' Standardized R...

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