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Evaluating Bears Ears

New research takes a retrospective look at the influence of the monument designation on outdoor recreation and its related industries in San Juan County, Utah. Using geotagged photos from social media sites, and county-level economic indicators, analysis ...


Our vision is to develop predictive models of tourism flows and a respective decision support system that gateway and natural amenity region communities can use to explore and inform local policy decisions. We are currently piloting our models and decision support system with San Juan County in Southeastern Utah. The County is home to Navajo tribal lands and over a dozen small communities which are heavily reliant on tourism.


About the Institute

Our purpose is to provide accurate, research-based information about tourism and outdoor recreation issues to the Utah State Legislature and state agencies. We provide data and expertise to help communities balance the economic, social, and environmental tradeoffs of tourism development. We use an interdisciplinary approach, with research and analysis on outdoor recreation and tourism, a complex sector of the state's economy.

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