What is the HEART Initiative?

The Health Extension: Advocacy, Research, and Teaching Initiative, also known as HEART is a new pilot initiative through Utah State University Extension. This cutting-edge, 4-year pilot program is aligned with National Cooperative Extension’s recently instituted essential focus area in health and wellness. HEART serves as a model of how Extension can join community partners to better address the health and wellness needs in our state. HEART brings unique academic resources into the community, partnering locally and nationally to address the opioid epidemic and other pressing public health issues.

HEART Team Research

Diet, Nutrition, and Substance Use Disorder

Consuming a healthy diet can benefit everyone—especially individuals with substance use disorder (SUD), a disorder that occurs when frequent use of drugs or alcohol causes impairment, health issues, and difficulties with managing daily responsibilities (S...

Recovery Relationships

You Are Not Alone Recovery and relationships can seem difficult on their own, while maintaining a healthy relationship during the recovery of one or both partners can seem nearly impossible. However, it is helpful to recognize that if you or y