2020 Summit - Connecting the Dots

Presentations from the 2020 Free Roaming Equids and Ecosystem Sustainability Summit are below in order of program appearance.  To view the presentation, click on the video icon.  

October 6, 2020 – Day 1 – Morning

Title Video Link
Opening Remarks for the Summit from John Derek Scasta Video
Welcome to the FREES Summit from Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon Video
Comments from BLM Deputy Director of Policy and Programs William Perry Pendley Video
Summit and Free-Roaming Equids and Ecosystem Sustainability Network Overview/rules of conduct – Elizabeth Spaulding, The Langdon Group Video
Connecting the Dots: FREES Actions and Accomplishments - What we hope and need to accomplish - Barry Perryman and Celeste Carlisle Video
Telling the Wyoming Story – Richard Loper Video
Wyoming House District 28 – John Winter Video
Game and Fish and AFWA Overview – John Kennedy Video
Wyoming Department of Agriculture - Horse Research Program – Doug Miyamoto Video
 Wyoming Stock Growers Association – Jim Magagana Video

Private sanctuaries/horse ranches in Wyoming:

Title Video Link
Friends of a Legacy (F.O.A.L.) Advocacy Group for McCullough Peaks horses
Marion Morrison and Michaele Dimock
Wild Horse Preservation Society - Wild Horse Ranch Alexander Sas-Jaworsky II, PE Video
Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary, established 2016 Dwayne Oldham Video
Questions and Answers Video

October 6, 2020 – Day 1 – Afternoon

Updates from Federal, State, and Local Agencies

Title Video Link
Bureau of Land Management – David Jenkins Video
Forest Service – Terry Padilla Video
Montana - Science and Conservation Center (darting and tracking)
Kimberley Frank and Kayla Grams
California - Devil's Garden Wild Horses, Modoc National Forest
Laura Snell
Utah - Public/Private Partnerships
Redge Johnson
Ute Tribe – Jaime Arrive Video

Communication and Outreach Working Group

Title Video Link
Land Grant University and Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Task Force  - Terry Messmer Video
Healthy Horses on Healthy Rangelands Business Plan – Redge Johnson  (pdf of draft Business Plan) Video
NEW SCIENCE: Report on the National Survey - Public Attitudes Regarding Free Roaming Equids – Nicki Frey (pdf file of handout for breakout session)  Video
Reconvene into large group, meeting evaluation – Elizabeth Spaulding Video

October 7, 2020 – Day 2 – Morning

Title Video Link
Welcome to Second Day: Announcements, Meeting Survey Results, and Reminders – The Langdon Group Video

Population Management New Science – Redge Johnson and Eric Thacker

Title Video Link
NEW SCIENCE: Horse mortality and capture techniques - Derek Scasta Video
NEW SCIENCE: Gelding - Sarah King Video
NEW SCIENCE: IUD Research - Candace Lyman Video
Questions and Answers Video

Population Management Working Group Update - Redge Johnson and Eric Thacker

Title Video Link
Fertility Control Toolbox (overview of immunocontraceptive, IUD, and surgical options) – Ursula Bechert (pdf file of handout for breakout session) Watch video
Constraints of Implementing Fertility Control and Removals – Mark Fraker (pdf file of handout for breakout session) Watch video
Population Modeling – Celeste Carlisle, Katie Kraska, Kate Schoenecker, Stephanie Boyles-Griffin Watch video
Questions and Answers to working group panel Watch video
Overview of Breakout Sessions Management Scenarios - Redge Johnson and Eric Thacker (pdf file of handouts for breakout session, Hope Valley and Model Mountain examples) Watch video
Reconvene Breakout Reports on Management Scenarios  Watch video

October 7, 2020 – Day 2 – Afternoon

Rangeland Condition and Health New Science - Tracey Wolfe, Gary McCuin, and Barry Perryman

(pdf file of breakout session topics)

Title Video Link
NEW SCIENCE: Sage-grouse leks and horses – Peter Coates Watch video
NEW SCIENCE: Sage-grouse nesting and horses – Jeffrey Beck Watch video
NEW SCIENCE: Horse, sage-grouse, and pronghorn resource selection – Jacob Hennig Watch video
Relating Range and Body Condition – David Stoner Watch video
Holding and Public-Private Partnerships – Gary McCuin and Barry Perryman Watch video
Questions and Answers Watch video
Reconvene whole group for breakout reports and meeting evaluation Watch video

October 8, 2020 – Day 3 – Morning

Title Video Link
Welcome to Day 3 – Connecting the Dots
Announcements, Evaluation Results, and Moving Forward – The Langdon Group
Watch video
Panel on Understanding Legal Precedence and Implications
Constance E. Brooks, Redge Johnson, and John Ruhs
Watch video
Reports from Breakout Sessions
  • Outreach and Communication
  • Population Management
  • Rangeland Condition and Management
Watch video
Identification of Action Items – Elizabeth Spaulding, The Langdon Group Watch video
Perspectives on the Future - Engaging the Youth of America
Hollee Wood and Jacob Hennig
Watch video
Concluding Comments – Terry Messmer Watch video