Reports and Statments

    Reports and Statments

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    FREES Network statement

    2020 FREES Summit "Connecting the Dots" Evaluation Report and Working Group Priorities for 2021

    Rodriguez, J. 2020. Message Frames and Wildlife Values Influence Public Acceptance of Wild Horse Management Strategies. Master’s Thesis, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. 43 pgs.

    Drijfhout, M., D. Kendal, and P.T. Green.  2020. Understanding the human dimensions of managing overabundant charismatic wildlife in Australia.  Biological Conservation

    Handouts from Washington, D.C. presentations to staffers
    Who We Are
    The FREES Network
    Habitat Issues
    May 2019 Summit Report
    A Public/Private Partnership 

    Summary from Summit held in Reno, NV, May 2019