FREES 2022 Summit

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 2022 FREES Summit date: October 12-14, 2022 
-Community Connections     

The 2022 Free-Roaming Equids and Ecosystem Sustainability Summit Achieved Goals !!

We just finished the 4th Free-roaming Equid Summit and the numbers are in. With last minute registrations it looks we topped 170 participants, of which 130 were on site and 40 on-line. To some these numbers may appear faint.  But as we looked at the registrations and interacted with participants we probably had the most diverse cross section of representation of values and perceptions on this issue we ever had (over 70 different agencies and organizations represented). Our focus was on diversity and inclusion – with a theme of Community Connections. We created a safe place where all could freely express their concerns and opinions."

Many came to the Summit with open hearts and minds; their participation was valued and highly appreciated.  Having conversations with delegates from organizations, agencies, or individuals that think or interpret things differently can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Bravo to all for participating in the Summit despite their reservations.  These Summits are but stepping-stones in the process of achieving the goal of healthy humans, herds, and landscapes - so let’s keep stepping forward.

At the Summit this year we found some areas of significant common ground.  We found that fertility control as a meaningful portion of management is more broadly accepted than it had been in the past. Modeling supported this approach. We found that people want humane, sustainable management of wild horses and burros on lands that are ecologically diverse. We found that we are all concerned about inflation and increasing costs to wild horse and burro management, and providing for the multiple-uses afforded by public lands. We heard that people are tired of arguing and are willing to reach outside of their comfort zones.

We also learned that there is interest in discussing the following topics at the next Summit: 1) the usage of public lands designated as herd management areas or wild horse and burro herd territories by domestic livestock, native wildlife, horses, and burros, 2) the setting of appropriate management level (AML), and 3) presentation of scientific findings by NGOs and other groups during the first day (using science standards for abstract submission and professional presentations). Please let us know if you have any additional suggestions.

Lastly, we truly thank each and every one of you for coming and encourage you to continue to participate.  Your comments and concerns help us continually refine, improve, listen, and involve broader stakeholders, more and more meaningfully. This requires all of us communicating respectfully and clearly.  We are heartened by the dialogue that did occur, and are encouraged that the majority of organizations, agencies, and individuals are interested in starting from a place of our commonality.

To access the 2022 Summit Final Report please click on the link provided below.  You can still register to access the Summit video recordings by clicking on registration link on this page

See you in 2024


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Our purpose is to develop stakeholder-based comprehensive communication strategies and processes to manage free-roaming equids in concert with other public lands multiple-use objectives to achieve western rangeland ecosystem sustainability.  All of this information will be used to continue to develop action plans towards our goal of Healthy Herds on Healthy Rangelands. 

FREES seeks to enhance communication and engage diverse stakeholder groups in meaningful dialogue as we work together.

Recorded presentations from our 2020 Summit "Connecting the Dots" are now available.

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