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Join Emery County 4-H or Volunteer

4-H is Learning by doing. 4-H is available to all boys and girls in the 3rd through 12th grades, from urban, suburban and rural areas. First, an adult leader brings together youth that have common interests. Second, the youth choose one or more projects. Projects are chosen from among 100 project areas offered, or if you don't see the one you like, you can create your own project. Third, the group enrolls as a club, and fourth meets together to learn and have FUN. Clubs are able to explore 4-H youth program activities, events and trips. In 4-H there are events happening all year round.

Anytime we have a community club that is looking for members we will post it under the clubs link. The information is updated every time something changes so check back often.

How do I join?

  1. BRING TOGETHER a group of young people with similar interests and an adult leader to guide the club. Teens are encouraged to become youth leaders. No previous experience is necessary, just the desire to have fun and learn together as a club.
  2. CHOOSE A PROJECT of interest to your group. There are over 100 projects to choose from, or create your own. Contact the 4-H Youth Programs office if you need project ideas. Decide on a name for your club. Choose a day and time to meet that fits the needs of the group.
  3. ENROLL A GROUP at your USU County Extension Office by completing an enrollment sheet, paying dues, and picking up club project materials.
  4. MEET & LEARN together to complete selected projects. Enter members' finished projects in the County Fair. Learning will be enhanced by including community service projects. Explore other 4-H Youth Programs events, activities and trips.

What is a 4-H Club?

Clubs may be organized on a project basis or on a community basis. Traditional clubs that have been, and will continue to be, the basic unit and foundation of the 4-H youth program are:

  • A PROJECT club has members of about the same age working on the same project area together.
  • A COMMUNITY club includes a larger number of members of various ages who work on a variety of projects.
  • A FAMILY club utilizes parents as leaders.
Need more information? Contact Barbra Jones, the Create Better Health Ambassador at!

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USU Extension Emery County Contact Information


Christine Jensen

Christine Jensen

Extension Associate Professor | FCS | 4-H | Emery County Director

Home and Community Department

Phone: (435) 381-3535
Office Location: Emery County
Alice Wadley

Alice Wadley

Staff Assistant

Phone: (435) 381-3535
Ashley Yaugher

Ashley Yaugher

Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor | Health and Wellness | HEART Initiative Coordinator & Team Lead | Carbon and Emery Counties

Home and Community Department

Phone: (435) 636-3276
Office Location: Carbon and Emery Counties
Rowe Zwahlen

Rowe Zwahlen

Extension Assistant Professor | Agriculture & 4H | Emery County

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Phone: (435)-381-3538
Office Location: Emery County

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