Burdette Barker

Irrigation Specialist

Assistant Professor

Burdette Barker

Contact Information

Office Location: ENGR 227
Phone: 435-797-3926
Email: Burdette.Barker@usu.edu

Educational Background

PhD, Biological Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2017
Spatial Irrigation Management Using Remote Sensing Water Balance Modeling and Soil Water Content Monitoring
MS, Irrigation Engineering, Utah State University, 2011
Estimation of Field Alfalfa Evapotranspiration in a Windy, Arid Environment
BS, Biological Engineering, Utah State University, 2009
Professional Agricultural and Biological Engineer, Nebraska, 2018


Burdette is the Extension Irrigation Specialist for Utah. He has worked throughout the Western U.S. in irrigation engineering consulting and research.

Teaching Interests

Irrigation systems design and evaluation.

Research Interests

Crop water use, irrigation management, and irrigation technologies.