4-H Outdoor Programs - Davis County

Shooting Sports

Youth aiming gun safely at range

Youth ages 8-18 may particpate in .22 rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and archery.


4-H leader helping remove hook from fish

4-H fishing camps and programs teach youth how to fish in a safe, friendly environment. 


group of youth hiking in woods

Hiking is a great way to explore local areas while gaining the benefits of being active in the outdoors. 

 Questions Regarding Outdoor Programs? Contact: 

Staff photo

Taral Hull 

4-H Program Coordinator

435-919-1338 | taral.hull@usu.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Fishing Camps, Shooting Sports, Outdoor Clubs, Summer Camps, Volunteer Training, Volunteer Recruitment

If you are interested in volunteering or if you want to start an outdoor sporting club of any type, please contact Taral!