Davis County 4-H Indoor Exhibit Showcase

Indoor exhibits have typically been showcased at the county fair. This year, Davis County 4-H along with the USU Botanical Center will host the first ever Davis Heritage Festival in May. At the Davis Heritage Festival, 4-H youth will be able to have their indoor exhibits displayed for the public to see in the 4-H tent. This is designed to be like how the county fair was in the past.

Indoor exhibits are designed for 4-H youth to display projects they have created that demonstrate what they have learned. There are hundreds of project options that call all be found in the 2022 Fairbook. We will be accepting submissions from Divisions A-F that are listed within the 2022 Fairbook.

Projects will be judged and awarded ribbons. Premiums will not be awarded at the county level but will still be a part of the
Utah State Fair.  

Steps & Tips for Participating in the 4-H Exhibits at Davis Heritage Fest

To submit projects to the Davis Heritage Festival 4-H Exhibit tent youth must be enrolled in 4h.zsuite.org.
by May 11, 2022. After being enrolled youth can register their projects in the Fair Entry Registration Form found under 'Events' in ZSuite. The registration follows the same layout as the 2022 Fairbook.
**4-H youth can submit as many entries as they would like, however they can only submit 1 entry per lot.

Important Showcase Dates 2022

  • May 11 - 4-H Enrollment Deadline
  • May 12 - Exhibit Drop Off (1-5 PM @ the Utah House)
  • May 13 - Exhibit Drop Off (10 AM - 3 PM @ the Utah House)
  • May 16 - Exhibit Drop Off (10 AM - 3 PM @ the Utah House)
  • May 19-21 - Exhibits open to the public at the Davis Heritage Festival (875 S. 50 W. Kaysville, UT)
  • June 2-3 - Exhibit Pick Up (10 AM - 2 PM @ the Utah House)
Projects not picked up by June 24, 2022 will either be discarded or become property of Davis County 4-H.

Davis County 4-H Fairbook 2022

This file provides participation rules and project guidelines for all entries. We will be accepting entries from Divisions A-F this year.


Project Explanation Sheet (Optional)

Many projects require a brief description to accompany the project per rules in the Fair Book. Use the project explanation sheet below to provide a brief description that tells any of the following in regards to the project: the youth’s story, meaning, perception, knowledge, experience, etc. that helps the judges score the project. The project and the description will both be used for judging based on the Class and Lot it was entered in.  An explanation sheet represents only one project.  Encourage youth to use their best handwriting or type on a computer. 

Have questions? Please contact the Davis County 4-H office at (801) 499-5370 (option #2). Thank you for your continued support of the Davis County 4-H program!