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Contacting the Cache County Vegetation Management Division

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Chondrilla juncea

As residents in Cache County, we are lucky to have one of the best noxious weed departments in the state. Although noxious weed department is a common name, our weed department is now referred to as the Cache County Vegetation Management Division. The employees in this division have been hard at work making sure that noxious weeds are controlled, managed, and eliminated when possible. With new noxious weeds constantly coming into the County, it is important that we do our part in recognizing and helping to manage noxious weeds in fields, pasture, vacant lots, and any other ground we may have stewardship over. 

Rush SkeletonweedA noxious weed that has been on the vegetation management division’s radar as of late is Rush Skeletonweed (Chondrilla juncea). New establishments of this noxious weed have been found specifically in the Clarkston, Cornish areas. Rush Skeletonweed has a rosette of leaves at the base of the plat that is similar to a dandelion. Normally, only one flowering stem grows per rosette and can be anywhere between 1 – 3 ft. tall. It should be noted that although there is only one flowering stem per rosette, these stems have numerous spreading or ascending branches. Usually stems are leafless, but small leaves can appear on the lower part of the stem. The rosette leaves die at flowering giving the appearance of a skeleton-like stem.  Please be on the lookout for Rush Skeletonweed (pictured below) as you are monitoring pastures, ditch banks, and hillsides. If Rush Skeleton Weed plants are found please contact the Cache County Vegetation Management Division (435-755-1562), they want to try and get control of this plant while there are only small establishments and before they become wide spread.

Noxious WeedBesides Rush Skeletonweed, it is important to remember that there are 53 other plants listed on the State Declared Noxious Weed List that are also concerning. The Cache County Vegetation Management Division can assist with treating any of the State noxious weeds. Noxious weed treatment and management services will cost money, but many times grants are available to help cover the costs of treating certain noxious weeds private property.  

Another service offered by the Vegetation Management Division is their vacant lot program. Many times, vacant lots are reported to the local city government. However, in Cache County these lots, whether owned or not-owned, can be reported directly to the vegetation management division. If this is your property it is important to remember there will be a service fee involved with the property owner.  

If you have any questions regarding the resources from the County Vegetation Management Division you can contact the division at 435-755-1562 or contact the Cache County Extension Office at 435-752-6263 and we can provide you with more information.



Jacob Hadfield