Using Livestock Behavior on Your Operation

This CD outlines the principles and some applications of livestock behavior. It also contains fact sheets and narrated video clips of animals demonstrating how animals learn about foods. It is available free of charge. To request a copy email or you can download or view the contents of the CD by clicking on the topics below. 


Learning How to Eat

Just as people have to learn how to use a knife and a fork or chopsticks, animals have to learn how to tear grass, nip off twigs and pick leaves. Learn more about how animals learn to eat.

Learning from Mom

Livestock understand that mother knows best. Learning from mom is efficient. Learn more about how livestock learn from their moms and the outcomes of this.

Learning from Nutrients

We all like to eat foods that taste good. But why do foods taste good? Learn more bout animal behave learning to eat foods that are nutritious and avoid foods that are low in nutrients.

Learning from Toxins

In general, animals avoid foods that are high in toxins. How do they know which foods are toxic? Learn how animals learn to avoid foods high in toxins.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Animals are individuals no matter how similar they look. They have different abilities, similarities, and their own unique needs. Learn more about what individualizes animals and more.