Current Pasture Projects

Current Pasture Projects

BEHAVE's pasture project located at Utah State University's farm in Lewiston, UT is examining how grazing pastures with mixtures of forages affects livestock behavior, performance and intake as well as meat quality. We are also looking at how secondary compounds in plants are affected when grown in mixtures and the impact of these mixtures on soils. Lastly, we are looking at the ability of livestock to use plants containing secondary compounds as medicines to combat parasites and bloat.

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Pasture Projects

Cattle Performance

Learn more about cattle performance and the effect of pasture mixes on cattle behavior. Though there may be many benefits to pasture variety, performance is key for many livestock producers.


Learn more about the environment and the effects of the environment on plant secondary compounds. Find out more about the different secondary compounds.

Evidence For Self-Medication

Learn more about evidence for self-medication. Learn about homeostasis, self-medication and adaptability to the environment, self-medication in the wild, and more.

Pasture As Pharmacy

Sheep grazing in a pasture seem like the definition of a simple, pastoral scene. But that pasture is more than just a sheep dining room, it’s a pharmacy too, where sheep can be taught to select their own medicine.

Self-Medication In Herbivores

Learn more about self-medication in herbivores. The overarching aim of this research is to understand what circumstances trigger self-medicative behavior in ruminants, and to gain insight into the connections between diet selection, parasitism, and PSMs....