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    Additional Links


    Livestock for Landscapes- Teach your cows to eat weeds and use your livestock to reduce fire danger, control weeds, improve wildlife habitat, and enhance biodiversity.

    American Grazinglands Services - is dedicated to improving the health and sustainable productivity of grazing lands using of management-intensive grazing practices.  They provide consulting services and grazing management tools. If you want to reduce feeding hay in winter, you may want to visit this site.

    Livestock Handling

    Bud Williams Stockmanship School  - Teaching low-stress livestock handling methods.

    Steve Cote's Book on Stockmanship is available online at Temple Grandins' site.

    Effective Stockmanship - more tips on livestock handling

    Hand 'n Hand Livestock Solutions - another good site on stockmanship with videos you can view online. - Conditioned Taste Aversion.

    Temple Grandin's Web Page - Livestock behavior, design of facilities and humane slaughter.

    Conditioned Taste Aversion

    Conditioned Taste Aversion Data Base - Everything your ever wanted to know about conditioned taste aversion.
    Conditioned Taste Aversion and Predators - This site overviews the benefits using conditioned taste aversion with wildlife, especially predators.

    Invasive Plants

    Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management (EBIPM) - Science-based solutions for invasive annual grasses.

    The Great Basin and Invasive Weeds - A tour of the Great Basin and its weed problems