Beekeeping in Salt Lake County

Peter Somers giving a demonstration
Peter Somers, bee inspector for Salt Lake County.

The Salt Lake County Bees and Weeds program and the Salt Lake County Bee Inspector, in partnership with USU Extension provides inspection services, demonstration areas and classes for the public. See below for more information about what we offer.

Hive Inspections - Who is our County Inspector?

Peter Somers a long time beekeeper and owner of BEEZ Hive and Honey serves as the Salt Lake County Bee Inspector. Peter is highly regarded in the beekeeping community and is always willing to share his knowledge and lend a hand. He is available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays to provide bee inspections. Call Peter today at (801) 874-2999 or

Demonstration Areas

Beehives at Wheeler Farm
Beehives at Wheeler Farm.

Would you like to see an active hive? USU Extension and Wheeler Historic Farm have teamed up to provide a demonstration apiary just to the north of the large Activity Barn. We have multiple hives active in this area to help pollinate the gardens and provide educational activities for the public as well as our formal classes.

Have you noticed a lot of activity at Wheeler Farm? Stay tuned for the Wheeler Farm Outdoor Education Center, which will be complete in the fall of 2019. We will have information and resources about pollinators, including honey bees. We will also be developing an outdoor classroom space fully dedicated to pollinators!

Take a class!

USU Extension offers classes to the public for beginners through advanced beekeepers. We also provide “Inspections with the Inspector” courses with Peter Somers where participants can come out, meet Peter, take a peek in the hives at Wheeler Farm, and learn more about beekeeping. For more information on these and other opportunities, visit our education page.

Are you wondering about bee ordinances/regulations in Salt Lake City?


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