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Beekeeping class

Thriving Hive classes are offered by Utah State University Extension to demonstrate beekeeping and educate beekeepers on many topics related to bee care and health. See our class descriptions below and check out our events calendar for current class dates.

Thriving Hives Beginning Beekeeping

These classes are aimed towards educating the beekeeper on the overall world of beekeeping. Beginning beekeepers get a hands-on experience of hive checks, mites inspections, and more.

We also offer a Beginning Beekeeping Session annually at the Urban Homestead Expo.

Thriving Hives Advanced Beekeeping

This series is targeted toward those who have already taken beginning courses, or already have experience with hives and would like to know more. There will be a lecture and hands on component to each class.

  • Bee Nutrition / starting the hive off strong
  • Bee Communication
  • Hive Management
  • Feeds and Nutrition
  • Harvesting
  • Pest Management

Inspections with the Inspector (Salt Lake County only)

Join USU Extension and Peter Somers (Salt Lake County Bee Inspector) at our "Inspections with the Inspector" events. These will be informal educational opportunities for you to get hands-on with the hives at Wheeler Farm and learn from the best! Peter will be prepared to share information about the following topics, but will also be able to address questions as time permits and/or discuss what we are seeing in the hives!

Facebook Live Events

The USU Bee Team often has Facebook live hive checks. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to keep up to date.


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