Ag Waste Management

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    The purpose of this website is to help livestock producers with waste management issues and provide understandable information about the regulations. For more information, click on the buttons below.

    National News

    • On January 23, 2020, EPA and the United States Army Corps of Engineers released a new definition for Waters of the United States.  The revised definition identifies four categories of waters that are under federal control:

      • The territorial seas and traditional navigable waters;
      • Perennial and intermittent tributaries;
      • Certain lakes, ponds, and impoundments;
      • Wetlands adjacent to jurisdictional waters;
    • The rule also identifies waters that are not subject to federal control.  Some highlights impacting agriculture include the following non-jurisdictional waters:

      • Wetlands not adjacent to, or without a direct hydrologic surface connection to, a jurisdictional water;
      • Groundwater (includes water drained in field tile drains);
      • Artificial lakes, and farm and stock watering ponds;
      • Most farm and roadside ditches; and,
      • Prior converted cropland.  Includes land in conservation programs, and land idled or fallowed as part of an agricultural cropping system.  Exclusion ceases when land is abandoned for 5 years and has reverted to wetlands.

    Tools for Record Keeping

    • A spreadsheet to help with record-keeping and nutrient management planning is available. Click to download the spreadsheet.