4-H Youth Programs

Note Changes in 4-H Enrollment Forms!  There is one form for individuals and another for leaders/clubs.  Each 4-H member needs to fill out a form each year.  Club leaders need to fill out one leader/club form for their 4-H Club each year.  Return these forms to the 4-H Office. 

Click on the 4-H Enrollment Forms link to download forms from the Utah 4-H Youth Programs website.  Note that you can save these to your computer and then print them out each year, saving you time. 


4-H Is...

A youth development organization for all kids from 3rd to 12th grades.  It is a "learn by doing" organization where youth meet as clubs to do hands-on projects.  Projects are chosen from over 100 project areas, or you can create your own project.  

4-H clubs are organized by adult volunteer leaders.  These leaders bring youth together who have common interests and enroll them as a club with the county 4-H office (USU Extension Office).  Clubs meet together to explore 4-H activities, attend events, go on trips and have FUN!

4-H events happen year round.  Some highlights in Wasatch County include science projects, state contests for high school 4-Hers, the county fair, sewing and babysitting camps, junior Master Gardener, ATV safety courses, junior livestock, horse shows, and teen council.

There are three types of 4-H clubs: family clubs, community clubs, and project clubs.  In a family club, parents act as 4-H leaders and family members meet with a few friends to form a club and participate in 4-H projects and activities.  In a community club, volunteers act as 4-H leaders to involve any youth interested.  Clubs usually meet at set times and work on one or many projects together.  Project clubs involve youth of similar ages working together on the same project area.

 How do I join?

 1.   BRING TOGETHER  a group of young people with similar interests and an adult  leader to guide the club.  Teens are encouraged to become youth leaders. No previous experience is necessary, just the desire to have fun and learn together as a club.

  2.  CHOOSE A PROJECT of interest to your group.  There are over 100 projects to choose from, or create your own. Contact the 4-H office if you need project ideas.  Decide on a name for your club.  Choose a day and time to meet that fits the needs of the group.

  3.  ENROLL A GROUP at your USU County Extension Office by completing an enrollment sheet, paying dues, and picking up club project materials.

  4.  MEET & LEARN together to complete selected projects.  Enter members' finished projects in the County Fair.  Learning will be enhanced by including community service projects.  Explore other 4-H events, activities and trips.

  4-H Age Guidelines:
 Official 4-H members are in the 3rd to 12th grade on January 1st of the current year.


 For more information about 4-H Youth Programs in Wasatch County contact:

Debbie Proctor, Family Consumer Science and 4-H          (435) 657-3234

Allan Sulser, Agriculture and 4-H                                             (435) 657-3236