Gardener's Almanac - Monthly Gardening Tips


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    Gardener's Almanac - Monthly Gardening Tips

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    • Peruse garden/seed catalogues to help determine new and exciting vegetable varieties to try in the garden
    • Plan out and design the vegetable garden--try to implement crop rotation of vegetable families to reduce disease buildup
    • Consider growing herbs and/or microgreens indoors to add fresh greens to your diet
    • Use deicing compounds sparingly to avoid salt damage to landscape plants
    • If storing bulbs, check the bulb's condition to ensure they are firm, removing any soft or rotten bulbs
    • Perform routine maintenance on lawn mowers and other small engine garden equipment
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    JayDee Gunnell – Extension Associate Professor
    Jerry Goodspeed – Director, USU Botanical Center
    Britney Hunter – Extension Assistant Professor

    Contributing Authors

    Diane Alson – Extension Specialist
    Taun Beddes – Extension Associate Professor
    Brent Black – Extension Fruit Specialist
    Mike Caron – Extension Assistant Professor
    Dan Drost – Extension Vegetable Specialist
    Kelly Kopp – Extension Turfgrass Specialist
    Marion Murray – IPM Project Leader
    Mike Pace – Extension Professor, Box Elder County
    Ricardo Ramirez – Entomology Specialist
    Larry Rupp – Extension Horticulture Specialist