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    Your soil is the most important part of your garden. Soil tests are a fantastic way to get a basis of what to do with your soil, and a few pointers outlined below will also help.

    Soil Testing

    Soil Testing

    Regular testing helps develop and maintain more productive soils for farming, gardening, and landscaping. Soil tests indicate whether plant nutrients are deficient and, if so, what amounts are needed for optimum growth. If you have recently relocate or your plants are not performing well, get a soil test.



    Compost is an excellent, inexpensive way to increase the productivity and workability of soil It reduces and recycles yard waste and produces excellent soil.

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    Soil Improving

    Keeping plants healthy and productive starts with the soil. A good garden soil should be deep, workable, fertile, and contain some organic matter. Most native soils in the intermountain area will need to be amended and improved to become as productive as possible.

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