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    About USU Extension Yard & Garden Resources

    Launched in mid-2016, this website is a collection and summary resources from USU Extension research and teaching faculty. We provide growers and nurseries with the latest information to keep their business thriving and consumers yards and plants healthy and beautiful. As of the time of publishing this, this was used by a reliable resource by over 70,000 consumers throughout the Intermountain West. This was published by Freckle Farm, a nursery in Northern Utah:

    If you’ve tried anything involving gardening in Utah, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Utah State University Extension’s resources. Their Yard & Garden information is not only clear and easy to use, but also specific to the climate, soils, and other conditions you’ll be working with right here in our home state. If you’ve ever followed generalized garden advice, you’ve probably noticed that some of it works, and some of it doesn’t. That’s because, as you know, everything from rainfall to sunlight is different from place to place. There’s no one-size-fits-all where plants are concerned!

    - Freckle Farm, Hyde Park UT

    Facts, Facts, Facts

    At the very core of everything produced here are facts. In fact, at the we have 222 fact sheets directly referenced through this website - that number is growing almost monthly.

    To get an idea of what goes into a fact sheet, USU Extension research faculty spend countless hours in fields, gardens, classrooms, labs, and farmers markets throughout Utah and condense their focused research into a single fact sheets. One fact sheet may have hundreds of hours of research and experience behind it.

    Once the researchers have put their data into writing, it's then published in our Digital Commons archive. However, we've built this site which breaks the information down even further so anybody can quickly find what you they need in a beautiful web interfact in moments (not hours).

    Intermountain West Impact

    What does all this emphasis on facts mean for you? You can save time and money by coming straight to our resources. This is why many Intermountain West growers and experts do refer to our research, while other "experts" offer advice that is wrong, and sometimes dangerous to the environment and your personal health.

    Gardening Classes

    Face-to-Face Instruction

    For those who have the convenience to be near an Extension office that offers in-person courses, we offer a variety of courses including: beekeeping, planting your garden from seed, instructions on pruning and grafting and much more.

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    Online Courses

    Our most popular in-person courses are now available online. Teaching and research faculty have prepared 8 different online courses which cover breadth and depth of gardening. Take them at your own pace, anywhere you have an internet connection.

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    In 2018, over 40,000 Utahns visited this site for expert advice for our research based faculty and nearly 1,000 people have opted in to our gardening updates. If you'd like the updates, optin here.