Human Wildlife Interactions

We invite you to explore this site to assist in answering your questions regarding wildlife management, wildlife damage management, and human-wildlife interactions (conflict management, disease management, attitudes toward wildlife, and many others). Here, we will focus on answering questions pertinent to Utah and the Intermountain West.

Featured Projects

At USU Extension we take pride in involving local communities and youth in the research that will help manage wildlife in their local areas. There are many informative, collaborative projects ongoing through Utah and our neighboring states. Below, we highlight a few. Other research information can be found in our Outreach and Education, Wildlife Ecology, and Agricultural Wildlife pages.

Information and Resources

The topic of Human-Wildlife Interactions is very broad. It includes subjects like wildlife damage to personal property, creating wildlife habitat on your property, and even the impacts of humans on wildlife. To help you find what you are looking for, we have organized information by general topic.

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We invite you to visit our sister site, the Jack H. Berryman Institute, where human-wildlife conflicts issues are addressed on a national level.