Landscape and Lawns

Early settlers in the eastern United States often designed their landscapes with the idea of protecting their orchards and vegetable gardens from harsh weather as well invading pests.  Even today some still locate their and vegetables and herb gardens close to the kitchen mostly for convenience. Whether you are starting with a new home and landscape or inherited one from the previous owner, begin by planning how you intend to use your yard. Some areas may be highly functional, others only “for looks”. Particularly in the areas that you are not growing fruits or vegetables, plan to use water efficient plants and drip irrigation. Keep lawn areas to a minimum as they tend to use more water in the Summer months that other plants. When planting a lawn consider using a Tall Fescue blend. This will be more than one variety of Tall fescue packaged together as seed or sod. This mix of varieties gives more resistance to pests.

Xeriscape is an attractive, sustainable landscape that conserves water and is based on sound horticultural practices. The following links provide more information on Xeriscape:

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