STEM Education

Youth are the forefront of our technological future. Only four percent of our nation’s workforce are STEM workers and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 8,654,000 STEM jobs will exist in 2018. Recognizing these dynamics, the Washington County 4-H program concentrates on STEM education to empower and train youth to thrive in tomorrow’s economy. We believe that through providing fun experiential learning programs such as the FIRST® LEGO® League, the 4-H Institute of Technology, and Maker movement, youth in Washington County will become college-bound with a finer focus in STEM fields, while also learning tacit skills to function as effective leaders in a variable labor market. 

The 4-H Institute of Technology (4-HiT) is a community club for youth 10-18 who are interested in developing a wide range of technological skills in through robotics, computer programming, and making. All these areas develop STEM abilities. 4-H is the absolute BEST environment  for youth to develop these STEM abilities. The club is currently meeting each week at the following times:


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