Portfolios - Washington County 4-H

4-H Portfolios are a state record book designed to help youth keep track of what has happened in their projects, what they have learned, and a record of the leadership and service they have performed. The portfolio is as much a learning tool as any other aspect of 4-H. We want our youth to not only do a project, but think about what they did and what it means to them and others.

There are eight main sections to the 4-H Portfolio:

  • Project Reports
  • Activities
  • Entries and Awards
  • Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Non 4-H Experience
  • Your 4-H Story
  • Photographs

We feel all 4-H kids should do a portfolio. You can start your portfolio at any time. Don't worry about remembering what you did in the past. Just start today! Check out our calendar for scheduled workshops, or for more information you can visit the links below.

To view a videos presentations on how to do a 4-H Portfolio click here.

For more information and to Download the forms click here.