Youth Leadership - Washington County 4-H

4-H began as a program designed to teach modern farming techniques to rural youths. While that component still exists, today's 4-H is so much more!

The future of our nation, and the future of world civilization, will soon rest in the hands of today's young people. To become productive and contributing individuals who can be effective and proactive in determining the course of tomorrow's world, today's youth must develop positive leadership knowledge, attitudes, skills, and aspirations.Preparing today's young people for their roles as tomorrow's leaders is a challenge we all face.

The Washington County 4-H program is unique in its educational approach in that it offers "learn by doing" educational experiences. There are ten significant leadership development experiences that we have designed into our teen leadership development program:

  • 1. Collaborative experiences
  • 2. Personal characteristic development
  • 3. Mentors/role models/nurturers
  • 4. Cultural and citizenship experiences
  • 5. Communications experiences
  • 6. Management experiences
  • 7. Employment/internship experiences
  • 8. Group leadership experiences
  • 9. Formal education
  • 10. Significant life experiences

Ambitious youth are always welcome to get involved in 4-H! Call our office (435-634-5706) or email our Washington County 4-H Coordinator at

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