Code Camp

Learn to CODE this summer. Coding is a highly in-demand 21st century skill, not to mention a new literacy. Don't just play games all summer, create your own. Don't think you can do it? Here are three sites to help you get started:

What is Code Camp?

Code Camp is a programming, design and entrepreneurship contest all rolled up into a ridiculously compressed 24-hour event. It’s crazy fun! Teams ranging in size from one to four participates complete against other teams to build the best web or mobile app. Click here for more information. This year’s event features five divisions:

  • Industry teams who compete to develop company ideas claim bragging rights
  • Intermediate teams who want to impress potential employers
  • Novice teams who are exploring the industry and learning new techniques
  • Rookie teams who are new and represents students in programming after-school program
  • Rookie (Day Camp) this group is does not participate the full 24 hours. The competition runs from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM on Friday only.

When is Code Camp?

Code Camp is adapting to the times, which opens up a world of new opportunities to reach more code campers than ever before! We hope you will jump on and take the ride with us. Though much is changing, the dates and format of the competition will remain quite consistent.
2021's Code Camp: 

Friday, November 12th @ 7:00am through Saturday, November 13th @10:00am.
Click here to view the full schedule and venue details for Code Camp. Register by October 22th @5:00pm to get your Code Camp T-shirt!


Who is Code Camp For?

You! If you are (or are aspiring to be) a programmer, designer, entrepreneur, project manager, mentor/advisor, investor, or Leeroy Jenkins, Code Camp will provide you with tremendous opportunities.

To more adequately award effort, teams competing in the 2021 Fall Code Camp will be placed in one of three separate tracks: Novice (junior/high school teams, total noobs), Collegiate (DSC, SUU, etc.) and Professional (teams comprised primarily of full-time professionals). We will meet with each team prior to the start of the competition to help determine which track is most applicable for your team. See the rules for more details.

Why Should I Participate?

Aside from getting a rad Code Camp t-shirt, you’ll have perhaps the best opportunity of the year to bring your skill-set to new heights. There is nothing as exhilarating (and perhaps humbling) as trying to build something meaningful (eg. and something that works) in just a 24-hour window.

Past years’ participants have deepened relationships with colleagues, found jobs or business partners, launched successful businesses, formed new friends, built new networks, and made lasting memories. If this sounds too good to be true, we dare you to come participate and prove us wrong.

For more information please call the Washington County Extension Office 435-301-7740.