Annual Chartering

In August of 2020, 4-H clubs in the Utah 4-H Program will have the privilege of chartering their club. Since the beginning of 4-H, the most valuable way to delivery learn by doing ways of positive youth development has been through clubs. We are excited to offer this benefit to our 4-H clubs in Utah.

State offices are expected to maintain documentation on the issuance of 4-H Charters and clubs so hat clubs agree to use the proper 4-H name and emblem and follow all land-grant institutions' state or local 4-H policies. Chartering a club also helps define the club, lead to a more healthy positive youth development environment, and follow national law. This privilege also allows county 4-H coordinators to know who their active club leaders are so they can help them.

Each club interested in chartering must sign up using the Club Charter Request Renewal form. They mush full out information such as Club name, club leaders, meeting location, leadership information, etc.

  1. Download and complete chartering form
  2. Email form to the 4-H Program Coordinator in Washington County, Edward Larson at


Attachment 2021-2022 Chartering Form


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