Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

Dr. Dave Schramm, a specialist in families and relationships shares some ways you can keep moving during the holidays and cold months. 

Here are some ways you can keep moving during the holidays and cold months:

  • Increase your everyday housework, taking care of children, and movement indoors.
  • Stand up when you talk/text on your phone or read a book. 
  • Exercise during commercials, while cooking, and other down-times.
  • Get more sleep and drink water throughout the day. 
  • Park farther away from the mall/stores and walk. 
  • Get outdoors when you can. Take a walk with a friend/child, walk the dog, and get some sunshine on sunny days. 
  • Try a new outdoor sport: skiing, snowshoeing, or ice skating with the kids. 
  • Take your exercise routine indoors: try swimming, get a gym pass, or walk laps on a track. 
  • Exercise indoors: get a mat for core exercise and yoga, and turn on the music. 


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Ways to stay active during the holidays


David Schramm
Associate Professor, Family Life Extension Specialist

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