More People Are Trying Their Hands at Indoor Gardening, but Is Your Thumb Green?

We're all spending more time indoors and houseplants are becoming more popular because of that. USU Extension Associate Professor Michael Caron says he recommends starting with a plant that's pretty easy to take care of.

Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Take Care Of

ZZ Plant, Tradescantia, and the African Spear Plant

  • The ZZ plant is a newcomer on the market and thrives in lower-light conditions, so it will even grow in basements.

  • The Tradescantia will live for a long time, even if you forget to water it for a while.

  • The African Spear Plant only needs watering every week to every other week, so it's another great option.

Best Watering Techniques

  • Only water a plant when the soil is dry.

  • When the soil is light brown or when it starts to pull away from the sides of the pot, it's time to water.

  • Water it thoroughly, and if you use a saucer or basin under the plant, let it sit in that extra water for a few minutes to let the soil soak up all the liquid, and then toss that water out.