BYUtv Family Rules, Fun and Finance

Financial counselor and USU Extension Money Moms blog editor Amanda Christensen makes family finances more approachable on KBYU's Family Rules show. Amanda's segment of the video begins at 18:20.

Talk About Your Finances

  • Use to create a debt payment plan that works for you.

  • Use the step-down principle to take a few steps down from your normal spending routine.

  • To determine your revolving savings amount, take your total expenses and divide them by 12 to understand how much to save each month.

  • Live within your means.

  • We can be happy or unhappy on any income.

  • Intentional money decisions is what affect our financial health the most. 



BYUtv Family Rules, Fun and Finance


Amanda Christensen
Extension Associate Professor, County Director
(801) 829-3472

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