Potato - Commercial Fungicides

Fungicides registered for Commercial use on Potatoes, organized by Mode of Action (MoA).

Active Ingredient Brand Name MoA Residual Days Late Blight Verticillium Wilt
copper hydroxide Champ formula 2 Flowable, Kocide 2000, PrevistoOB M1 5 X  
copper octanoate CuevaOB M1 5 X  
copper oxychloride + copper hydroxide Badge SC M1 5 X  
copper oxychloride + copper sulfate C-O-C-S WDG M1 5 X  
copper sulfate Cuprofix Ultra 40 M1 5 X  
mancozeb Dithane F-45 Rainshield M3 7-10 X  
mancozeb + azoxystrobin Dexter Max M3/11 7-14 X  
chlorothalonil Bravo, Echo, Equus, Initiate, Orondis Opti M5 7-14 X  
difenoconazole + mandipropamid Revus Top 3/40 7-14 X  
mefenoxam + chorothalonil Ridomil Gold Bravo SC 4/M5 7-14 X  
fluxapyroxad + pyraclostrobin Priaxor 7/11 7-14 X  
azoxystrobin Aframe, Azoxystar, Quadris, Satori 11 7-14 X  
fenamidone Reason 11 7-14 X  
fluoxastrobin Evito 480 SC 11 7-14 X  
pyraclostrobin Headline 11 7-14 X  
trifloxystrobin Gem 500 SC 11 7-14 X  
azoxystrobin + chlorothalonil Quadris OPTI 11/M5 7-14 X  
famoxadone + cymoxanil Tanos 11/27 7-14 X  
cyazofamid Ranman 21 7-14 X  
zoxamide + chlorothalonil Zing 22/M5 7-14 X  
cymoxanil Curzate 27 7-14 X  
propamocarb hydrochloride Previcur Flex 28 7-10 X  
mono- and dibasic sodium, potassium, and ammonium phosphites Alude, Fosphite 33 see label X  
mandipropamid Revus 40 7-10 X  
ametcocradin + dimethomorph Zampro 40/45 5-7 X  
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AmplitudeOB, StargusOB 44 5-7 X X
Bacillus mycoides isolate J LifeGardOB 440 5-7 X  
1,3-dichloropropene Telone IIRF NC ---   PRE-PLANT FUMIGANT
extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis RegaliaOB NC 5-7 X X

R= Restricted Use
F= Fumigation

Note: All brands are registered trademarks. The brands listed in this table are not all-inclusive, but are meant to provide examples of products for these crops in Utah. Always check the label for the specific crop you are treating, application and safety information, and protection and pre-harvest intervals.