Onion - Commercial Insecticides

Insecticides registered for Commercial use on Onions in Utah, organized by Mode of Action (MoA).

Active Ingredient Brand Name MoA Residual (days) Thrips Maggots Leafminers Spider Mites
methomyl LannateR 1A 5-7 X      
oxamyl VydateR 1A 5-10 X      
diazinon DiazinonR 1B +   X    
malathion Fyfanon, Malathion 1B 7 X X    
deltamethrin Delta GoldR 3 10-14 X      
gamma-cyhalothrin DeclareR 3 5 X X X  
lambda-cyhalothrin ParadigmR, Province IIR SilencerR 3 5-7 X X X  
permethrin AmbushR, ArticR Perm-upR, PounceR Perma starR 3 7-10 X X X  
pyrethrin PyganicOB 3 5 X X X X
zeta-cypermethrin MustangR 3 7 X X    
pyrethrin + piperonyl butoxide EvergreenB 3 5 X X    
pyrethrin + azadirachtin AzeraOB 3/UN 3 X X X X
acetamiprid Assail 30 SG 4 14 X      
dinotefuran Scorpion 35 SL 4 14 X   X  
spinosad EntrustOB, SuccessB 5 7-10 X   X  
spinetoram Radiant 5 4 X   X  
abamectin AbbaR, Agri-mekR Epi-mekR, ReaperR 6 7 X   X  
cyromazine Trigard 17 17     X  
spirotetramat Movento 23 7 X      
cyantraniliprole + abamectin Minecto ProR 28/6 10-14 X   X  
Beauveria bassian strain gha BontaniGardB NC 2-10 X      
extract of Chenopodium ambrosioides Requiem ECB NC 5-7 X      
potassium salts of fatty acids M-PedeOB NC 7 X   X  
kaolin clay SurroundOB NC 1 X      
Metarhizium anisopliae strain Met 52 ECB NC 5-7 X      
oils: plant based EcotecOB, Omni SupremeB, Saf-t-sideB NC 1 See label for listed pests
azadirachtin AzatinOB, Molt Un 5-10 X X X  

B= Biopesticide
R= Restricted Use
O= Organic

Note: All brands are registered trademarks. The brands listed in this table are not all-inclusive, but are meant to provide examples of products for these crops in Utah. Always check the label for the specific crop you are treating, application and safety information, and protection and pre-harvest intervals.