Onion - Commercial Fungicides

Fungicides registered for Commercial use on Onions in Utah, organized by Mode of Action (MoA).

Active Ingredient Brand Name MoA Residual (days) Purple Blotch Stemphylium Leaf Blight Botrytis Neck Rot Pink Root
basic copper sulfate Cuprofix M1 7 X      
copper hydroxide Champ WGOB,  Kocide, Nu-cop, PrevistoOB M1 7 X      
copper oxychloride + copper hydroxide Badge SC M1 7 X      
copper oxychloride + basic copper sulfate C-O-C-S WDG M1 7 X      
copper sulfate pentahydrate MastercopOB M1 7 X      
copper hydroxide + mancozeb Mankocide M1/M3 7 X      
mancozeb Dithane,  Manzate, Penncozeb,  Roper M3 7 X      
chlorothalonil Bravo,  Echo,  Equus,  Initiate M5 7 X   X  
chlorothalonil + azoxystrobin Quadris Opti M5/11 7 X   X  
iprodione Meteor, Nevado, Rovral 2 7-14 See label for listed diseases
propiconazole Amtide,  Bumper, Fitness,  Propi-star, Propimax,  Shar-shield,  Tilt,  Topaz 3 7 X      
tebuconazole Monsoon,  Orius,  Tebu-crop 3.6F, Tebuzol 3.6F,  Toledo 3.6F 3 10 X      
difenoconazole + benzovindiflupyr Aprovia Top 3/7 7 X X    
difenoconazole + cyprodinil Inspire Super 3/9 7 X X    
difenoconazole + azoxystrobin Quadris Top 3/11 7 X X    
propiconazole + azoxystrobin Quilt 3/11 7 X      
mefenoxam + chlorothalonil Ridomil 4/M5 7 X      
boscalid Endura 7 7 X      
penthiopyrad Fontelis 7 7 X X X  
boscalid + pyraclostrobin Pristine 7/11 14 X X X  
fluxapyroxad + pyraclostrobin Merivon Xemium 7-11 7-14 X X X  
cyprodinil Vangard 9 7 X   X  
pyrimethanil Scala 9 7 X   X  
pyrimethanil + fluopyram Luna Tranquility 9/7 7-14 X   X  
cyprodinil + fludioxonil Switch 9/12 7 X X X  
azoxystrobin Quadris, Satori 11 7 X      
fenamidone Reason 11 5 X      
pyraclostrobin Cabrio 11 7 X      
famoxadone + cymoxanil Tanos 11/27 5 X      
fluazinam Omega 29 7 X   X  
fosetyl-al Aliette, Linebacker 33 7 X      
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain F273 AmplitudeOB 44 5-7     X  
Bacillus subtilis strain QST 73 CeaseOB SerenadeOB 44 7 See label for listed diseases
extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis RegaliaOB NC 7-14 X X X  
hydrogen dioxide OxidateB NC 5     X  

B= Biopesticide
R= Restricted Use
O= Organic

Note: All brands are registered trademarks. The brands listed in this table are not all-inclusive, but are meant to provide examples of products for these crops in Utah. Always check the label for the specific crop you are treating, application and safety information, and protection and pre-harvest intervals.