Types and Varietal Selection

Due to the large variety of types and cultivars, spend some time identifying local consumer desires. The following lists are illustrative only and do not include all of the wide varieties available. Very few of the varieties listed have been tested in the local marketplace. Most if not all can be grown locally, but some may have better adaption to the variety of climatic and environmental conditions found throughout Utah.

Variety Suggestions (Mostly Untested) for Commonly Grown Leafy Greens

Plant Family & Common Name Varieties (limited list)
Asters: Endive Bianca Riccia, Frisan, Lorca, Rhodos
  Escarole Eros, Natacha, Salanca
  Radicchio Fiero, Indigo, Palla Rossa, Rossa di Treviso Precoce
Beet Greens Boldor, Chioggia, Merlin, Pacemaker III, Red Ace
Brassicas: Arugula Astro, Roquette, Speedy,  Sylvetta
  Collards Champion, Flash, Hi Crop, Flash
  Kale Red Russian, Redbor, Rogue, Starbor, Winterbor
  Mustard Dragon Tongue, Green Wave,  Spicy Green,  Scarlet Frills
Lettuce: Bibb  Adriana, Carmona, Red Cross, Rex, Optima, Speckles
  Cos Fusion, Outredgeous, Salvius, Winter Density 
  Iceberg Crispino, Crusader, Heatmaster, Superior I
  Leaf Defender, Encico, Revolution, Salad Bowl, Tango
Spinach Bloomsdale, Emperor, Regiment, Renegade, Space,
Swiss Chard  Bright Lights, Fordhook Giant, Oriole, Rhubarb