Varietal Selection

Variety selection can be challenging, given the large number of choices available. Consider the length of the growing season, soil type, climate conditions, and production practices when selecting varieties. For information on variety options, look at some of the different regions where brassica crops are produced and talk to your seed salesperson. Most varieties will grow and produce in Utah but not all may be suited to your location. When selecting a new variety, evaluate it based on earliness, growth habit, market needs, and disease resistance. Heirloom (open-pollinated) varieties generally lack disease resistance and are more prone to cosmetic defects.

We recommend comparing new varieties to what you already grow. On-farm testing is the best way to identify varieties most suited to your farms local and unique conditions. A few suggested varieties are shown in the table below. Exclusion from the table list does not imply that the variety lacks merit.

Variety Suggestions – Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, and Kohlrabi

Brassica Types Varieties (limited list)
Broccoli Emerald Crown, Gypsy, Hallmark, Marathon, Packman, Premium Crop
Brussels Sprouts Diablo, Dominator, Hestia, Revenge, Royal Marvel
Cabbage Artost, Bronco, Caraflex, Cairo (red), Quisto, Rendero (red), Surprise
Cauliflower Amazing, Denali, Freedom, Hermon, Minuteman, Synergy, Whistler
Kale Red Russian, Redbor, Rogue, Starbor, Winterbor
Kohlrabi  Early Purple Vienna, Kolibri (red), Konan, Kongo