Brassica - Commercial Insecticides

Insecticides registered for Commercial use on Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, & Kohlrabi in Utah, organized by Mode of Action (MoA). For treatment on other brassicas, always check the label first.

Active Ingredient Brand Name MoA Residual (days) Aphids Flea Beetles Imported Cabbageworm Cabbage Looper Root Maggots Diamondback Moth
carbaryl Carbaryl, Sevin 1A 10-14   X X     X
methomyl (not kohlrabi) CorridaR, LannateR, NudrinR 1A 10-14     X X   X
chlorpyrifos EraserR, GovernR, LorsbanR 1B --- X X X   X  
diazinon (not kale or kohlrabi) DiazinonR 1B (+)         X  
malathion (check label for cauliflower and kale) Malathion, Fyfanon 1B 5-7 X X not kale X X   X not B, Bs
alpha-cypermethrin (check label for kale) FastacR 3A 10-14 X X X X   X
beta-cyfluthrin BaythroidR 3A 14   X X X   X
bifenthrin BifentureR, FanfareR, SniperR, TundraR 3A 14 X X X X   X
bifenthrin + zeta cypermethrin HeroR, SteedR 3A 14 X X X X   X
cyfluthrin TombstoneR 3A 10-14   X X X   X
esfenvalerate (not brussles sprouts or kale) AsanaR, S-fenvalostarR 3A 14   X not kohlrabi X not kohlrabi X    
fenpropathrin (not kale) DanitolR 3A 14 X X X X   X
gamma-cyhalothrin (not kale) DeclareR 3A 10-14 X X X X   X
lambda-cyhalothrin (not kale) Grizzly TooR, KendoR, Lambda-TR, LambdaCyR, LambdastarR, ParadigmR, SilencerR, WarriorR 3A 10-14 X X X X   X
permethrin (not kale) ArcticR, PermUpR, PermethrinR, PermastarR 3A 14 See lable for listed pests
pyrethrins PyganicOB 3A 3-5 X X X X X X
pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide Evergreen 3A 3-5 X X X X   X
zeta-cypermethrin MustangR 3A 10-14 X X X X   X
lambda-cyhalothrin + thiamethoxam (not kale) EndigoR 3A/3A 10-14 X X X X   X
bifenthrin + imidacloprid BrigadierR, SwaggerR, TempestR 3A/4A 14 X See label X X   X
imidacloprid + betacyfluthrin Leverage 360R 3A/4A 14 X X X X    
imidacloprid + lambda-cyhalothrin (not kale) KilterR 3A/4A 10-14 X X X X   X
lambda-cyhalothrin + chlorantraniliprole (not kale) Voliam XpressR 3A/28 10-14 X X X X   X
pyrethrins + azadirachtin AzeraOB 3A/UN 3-7 X X X X X X
acetamiprid Assail 4A 10-14 X       X  
clothianidin Belay 4A 10-14 X X        
dinotefuran (check label for kale) Safari++, Scorpion, 4A 14 X X        
imidacloprid Admire Pro, Lada, Macho, Montana, Nuprid, Prey 4A 14 X X        
thiamethoxam Actara, Platinum 4A 14 X X        
thiamethoxam + chlorantraniliprole Durivo+, Voliam Flexi 4A/28 14 X X X X   X
flupyradifurone Sivanto 200 SL 4D 14-17 X          
spinetoram Radiant 5 14     X X   X
spinosad ConserveB, EntrustOB, SuccessOB 5 5-7   X X X   X
emamectin benzoate ProclaimR 6 7-14     X X   X
pymetrozine Fulfill 9B 7-10 X          
flonicamid Beleaf 9C 14 X          
Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki strain ABTS-351 BiobitOB, DipelOB, Javelin WGOB XentariOB 11A 5-7     X X   X
novaluron (not kale) Rimon 15       X X   X
methoxyfenozide Intrepid 18 10-14     X X   X
indoxacarb Avaunt 22A 10-14     X X   X
spirotetramat (not kale) Kontos, Movento 23 14 X         14
chlorantraniliprole Coragen 28 14     X X X X
cyantraniliprole Exirel, Verimark 28 14 X X X X See label X
cyclaniliprole Harvanta 50 SL 28 14-17   X X X   X
potassium salts of fatty acids M-PedeOB 28 3 X          
Beauveria bassiana BotanigardOB , Mycotrol ESOB NC 5-7 X X X X   X
Burkholderia spp. Venerate CGOB NC 5-7 X   X X   X
Chromobacterium subtsugae GrandevoOB NC 5-7 X   X X   X
kaolin SurroundOB NC 5-7   X        
oil: mineral Pure Spray GreenOB, NC none X          
oil: plant based PycanaB , PureCrop IOB NC none X X pycana only X pycana only X pycana only   X pycana only
sodium tetraborohydrate decahydrate Prev-AMB NC 5-10 X   X X   X
azadirachtin AzatinOB UN 7-10 X X X X X X

B= Biopesticide
R= Restricted Use
O= Organic

(++)= One application per crop per season
(+)= One application per year

Note: The information provided is not an endorsement or recommendation for any particular product. Always read the label before applying and follow the directions. Some of these materials may be tank mixed with other herbicides.

Protection of Pollinators: Look for the “bee-box” or “bee hazard icon” on product labels and read the restricitions and instructions to protect bees and other insect pollinators. Bees and other pollinators will forage on plants when they flower, shed pollen, or produce nectar. Follow these steps when using products that are hazardous to bees: 1) minimize exposure of the product to bees and pollinators when they are foraging on pollinator attractive plants around the application site 2) Minimize drift of the product on to beehives or to off-site pollinator attractive habitat as drift into these areas will kill bees.

Warning: Applications of imidacloprid and clothianidin are restricted to post-bloom and only when bees are not active in the site, including on weeds and non-crop plants.