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Welcome to the Utah Association of Youth Councils! We are excited to share our experience and knowledge on this excellent youth leadership opportunity throughout our state. Our mission is to provide opportunities for youth to develop mature citizenship, leadership, a sense of personal achievement, and an understanding of government.

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Everything on this website is free to use to help build Youth Councils in your area. If you would like to receive additional support and training, membership is encouraged.  To join, membership is $5 per year for each of your youth members. 

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Utah Youth Council Locations

Utah currently has youth councils in cities all throughout the state. Contact or get more information about a specific Youth Council below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Youth councils are organizations usually associated with city or county governments. They are designed to educate youth and empower them to carry out service and become involved in civic opportunities. Different councils operate in different ways, but the main goal is the same: work as a force for good in the local community.

Approximately 29% of Utah’s population is under the age of 18. Involving this population in our local governments can make a valuable impact. Young people today have the creativity, connectivity and availability to make a difference in their communities not just as future leaders but as leaders today. As youth make a difference on youth councils today they become inspired to continue to serve in local government for many years to come.


  • Ensure their voices are heard in local government
  • Understand the value of public service
  • Gain valuable leadership skills to use throughout life

Local Communities

  • Get youth involved in much-needed service in the community
  • Build an increased sense of inclusiveness of diverse perspectives

Local Councils or Commissions

  • Increased connection with students across the municipality
  • Opportunity to hear more diverse community perspectives
  • Expanding opportunities to impact the lives of youth

That is excellent! A youth council will be a valuable asset in your community. There are many resources we have available to help you along the way in this journey! Check out our Utah Youth City Council Guide to get you started as well as our many other resources below!

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