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Camp Registration for 2023 summer is open. Check out this guide to know what camps you'd like to register for.

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Wait to Water

You've probably heard by now (we hope!) that we're in one of the worst droughts on record and that soil moisture is at an all-time low. When people hear the "D" word, they often start watering early to give their plants a head start. Unfortunately, early watering can make your landscape plants more susceptible to damage from drought. Your turf and other plants need to develop strong roots and resiliency before the summer. Watering too soon can lead to shallow, weak roots and could damage your landscape more than help it!
So when should you start watering your landscape? The Utah Weekly Watering Guide will tell you when!
All counties need ZERO watering this week! Please share this info with your friends and family- you can even invite them to follow the Weekly Watering Guide.
About the Weekly Lawn Watering Guide:
The Weekly Lawn Watering Guide is a tool that recommends watering based on weather patterns and evapotranspiration rates. The guide takes extensive data and simplifies it into how many days per week to water based on conditions in your county. Microclimates may require adjustments to your watering schedule.
The guide helps avoid problems with pests and disease and reduces costs associated with overwatering, saving you time and money. According to the guide, we estimate that Utah could save more than 20 billion gallons of water every summer if everyone were to follow the guide's recommendations!


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